Solution for PDA-Video with S3 encrypted

July 12, 2019

Solution 1: Using Amazon Elastic Transcoder to create HLS encrypted output:   Upload file a media file to S3 Create a Pipeline Create a job Monitor the Progress of Your Job   We can write API to handle it for user Advantages: High performance The user only need to upload media file and encode it…

Protect Page & Post – Referrer URLs feature’s Limitations

July 3, 2019

In the Protect Page & Post plugin version 1.0.15, we introduced a new feature Referrer URLs that help customers can configure the white list referral links for protected pages or posts. However, in some cases, the feature cannot work properly because your server is preventing sending HTTP Referer Headers from your WordPress site. Case 1:…

Introduce new feature – Protect Page & Post Short Code

July 2, 2019

We’re very exited to introduce you a new Protect Pages & Posts feature, Private Link Short Code from version 1.0.15. How cool is it? Display private links in the post content First of all, we need to grab the short code’s template in the plugin settings. Under the General tab, in PRIVATE ACCESS LINKS section,…

How to get CloudFront key pairs?

June 15, 2019

Sign-in to AWS Console with your root account Go to “My Security Credentials” In CloudFront key pairs section, click on Create New Key Pair button. Click on “Download Private Key File” and you should receive a file having the format key-XYZ.pem Fill in your CloudFront key pairs in the CloudFront Configuration with XYZ is Access…

URL Validation

June 13, 2019

Testing cases: Without schema: invalid ( syntax: valid (// www: valid ( Address: valid ( number: valid ( & Local network: invalid (http://localhost, domain and path: valid (http://مثال.إختبار)Resource path with space: invalid ( dasdsad) need to encode URI (