Top 5 Powerful Request Call Back Plugins WordPress 2022

March 30, 2022

When customers visit your WordPress sites and are interested in the products, they might want to contact you. Then a call service will be a great chance for you to clarify customers’ concerns and doubts about the products. As a result, they are more likely to make a purchase. Of course, your sales will also…


How to Easily Upload Font to WordPress

March 5, 2022

Learning how to upload font to WordPress may overwhelm you. To take the burden off your shoulders, here we’ll show you a complete guide on adding any type of font, color, and other elements to your WordPress website. The purpose of this blog post is to discuss various types of good fonts and how WordPress…


The Ultimate Guide to Track Form Submission with Facebook Pixel

March 1, 2022

Social media advertising, especially Facebook, brings every business owner a host of benefits to enhance visitors’ shopping behavior. It enables you to test and set your ad target in a short period of time. More than that, with the birth of Facebook Pixel, you can measure conversions from form submissions or checkout on your website…


How to Add Live Chat to WordPress Site For Free

February 26, 2022

Adding live chat to WordPress websites comes as a great tool for your business to communicate with site visitors. It helps you get more personal with all of your customers and build more meaningful relationships with them. A live chat allows potential and existing customers to get quick responses. You can monitor their conversations from…

3 Easy yet Effective Ways to Edit WordPress Comment Fields

February 22, 2022

Besides contact forms and emails, comments prove the simplest yet fastest to stay in touch with users and listen to their opinions on your site content. You know what? The number of comments submitted is proportional to the user engagement in your website or blog. The more valid comments you receive, the higher popularity and…


Increase Web Form Conversion Rate with 7 Practical Tips

February 14, 2022

Forms, in general, are the key factor in gathering information from users and generating potential leads. However, not all the time forms convert the way you want them to. Sometimes, you may find yourself wondering: “Why don’t your visitors fill in your forms?” Though you aren’t able to read their mind to find out the…


6 Easy Steps to Add Menu Items in Shopify

November 19, 2021

Shopify store navigation is of paramount importance as it assists customers in easily finding your products, searching for the right blog post, or means of contact. This significantly enhances the on-site user experience and saves abandoned carts. The topic of focus today centers on how to add menu items in Shopify. You’ll learn how to…