5 Best Document Collaboration Software to Empower Your Team

June 25, 2022

“Teamwork makes dream work.” John Maxwell No one can deny the significance of teamwork in every organization, from giant technology corporations like Apple or Microsoft to SMB companies. It’s no exaggeration to say that teamwork and collaboration are the foundation that can make or break your business. This is known as one of the 4…

A Closer Look at WordPress Twenty Twenty Two Theme

June 20, 2022

WordPress has offered consistent releases each year to build new features, fix vulnerability holes, and more importantly provide a new theme. It traditionally names its new theme after the year it’s launched, for example, Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Eighteen, and Twenty Nineteen. The same thing happens to Twenty Twenty-Two, coming with the WordPress 5.9 release. Appearing…


5 Painless Ways to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress

June 15, 2022

Adding videos to your WordPress site comes as one of the most effective methods to promote your blog. If you’ve been searching for a simple way to do that, here’s where you can find the solution. This article will reveal 5 effortless ways to embed YouTube video in WordPress. But first, let’s find out the…

A Complete WordPress Admin Tutorial in 9 Minutes

June 10, 2022

If you’ve just started a WordPress website and are wondering how the admin dashboard works, this is where you can find the answer. The WordPress admin dashboard serves as the backbone of your entire website. Here you generate and manage content, diversify functionality by adding plugins, change styling by applying themes, and a lot more….


How to Become a Better Blogger: 7 Realistic Tips

June 5, 2022

Are you starting a blog and struggling with how to attract and keep your readers? Don’t worry. That’s what most newcomers have to deal with, not just you. Let us tell you this. When we first started our blog, we ran into tons of problems, formats, topics, images, writing style, website traffic, etc. It took…


3 Google Core Web Vitals and How to Boost Them

May 26, 2022

Google has developed and introduced 3 Core Web Vitals to evaluate a website’s user experience. As a WordPress website owner, you should care about Google Core Web Vitals because they give insight into your site’s performance. Understanding these factors helps you know whether your site performs well, thereby taking prompt steps to improve its quality….

6 WordPress Tips to Quickly Increase Domain Authority

May 17, 2022

Domain authority is considered the key factor measuring the success or failure of your WordPress site. It calculates your site’s trustworthiness, performance, and competitive advantages. The higher your domain authority is, the more trust you will gain from search engines as well as your visitors. That’s why as a website owner, finding ways to increase…