Solution for PDA-Video with S3 encrypted

Solution 1: Using Amazon Elastic Transcoder to create HLS encrypted output:

User use Elastic Transcoder to create HLS diagram


  1. Upload file a media file to S3
  2. Create a Pipeline
  3. Create a job
  4. Monitor the Progress of Your Job

We can write API to handle it for user


  • High performance
  • The user only need to upload media file and encode it
  • Can handle many media file at the same time


  • High pricing
  • User must use AWS service

Solution 2: Add feature to our plugin to encrypt video:

  1. User must convert media file to HLS and upload it to their web server via PDA-Video plugin
  2. Our plugin will encrypt and create key
  3. User can upload it to any storage service and get a link it to add our shortcode and play it


  • Low pricing ~ 0
  • User can use their web server to contain media file & play it
  • Flexible with any storage service


  • User must convert media file to HLS output first
  • Slow with convert media file on S3

Solution 3: Using lambda to transcoder & encrypt HLS output

Write a lambda function to handle

Status: Researching


  • Low pricing
  • Flexible
  • We can develop a SaaS