9 Best Shopify WordPress Plugins to Integrate Your Online Stores

Shopify and WordPress stand out as the two most prestigious names in the eCommerce industry. Both come with their own striking features helping you build your ideal online store.

While it’s easy to migrate Shopify to WooCommerce, many people find it impossible to combine Shopify and WordPress to run their online businesses.

However, you can now make use of both platforms to create an online business using Shopify WordPress plugins. They enable you to integrate your Shopify store and products with WordPress.

Once connecting Shopify to WordPress successfully, you can set up a professional and user-friendly website with WordPress to sell all Shopify products.

In this article, we’ll share 9 expert picks of must-have Shopify WordPress plugins for your store integration in 2021.

#1 WP Shopify
WP Shopify

WP Shopify proves the best pick amongst all Shopify WordPress plugins. Once activated, it will connect your Shopify store to your WordPress site.

This WP Shopify enables you to create an easy-to-use cart experience without using iFrames. Also, this plugin provides you with all SEO best practices from semantic alt text, structured data, to indexable content.

Key features:

  • Sync your products and collections as a native WordPress post
  • Offer 100+ actions and filters to customize the storefront
  • Display your products using custom pages and shortcodes
  • Grant advanced access to your Shopify data saved in custom database tables

Price: Free. The premium plan starts from $99/year.

#2 Smart Shopify Product
Smart Shopify Product

If you want to import all Shopify products to your WordPress site, Smart Shopify Product can help with that. The given API shortcodes give you a helping hand in inserting all Shopify products to a new store on WordPress.

Making use of this plugin is ideal for displaying a product detail page. It allows you to change the page’s appearance to make customers easy to select the products.

Key features:

  • Add Shopify products using shortcodes
  • Retrieve/update/remove automatically all products from the Shopify store
  • Insert a basic product card with the main image, title, and price
  • Add all product basic information and an add-to-cart button

Price: Free.

#3 S2W – Import Shopify to WooCommerce

S2W Import Shopify to Woocommerce

The next trustworthy candidate for Shopify WordPress plugins refers to S2W – Import Shopify to WooCommerce.

This S2W plugin transfers all Shopify data to the WooCommerce store directly using an API key, making your data private. This means you don’t have to invest extra time and money into making customer information secure.

Additionally, S2W makes it simple to use. It takes you only 2 steps to import your Shopify store data including store settings, shipping zones, taxes, pages, blogs, coupons, customers, products, and orders to WooCommerce.

Key features:

  • Change the order to import products by title and date
  • Import unlimited products from your Shopify store to WooCommerce
  • Set the status of imported products to publish, pending, or draft
  • Build themes for sales store

Price: Free. The Pro version charges you $59 every 6 months.

#4 Import from Shopify
Import from Shopify

Import From Shopify is another top-notch solution on this list. Using this plugin to connect Shopify to WordPress is as easy as pie.

You can export customers’ files, products, and orders from Shopify to WordPress without using API keys. All you need to do is to install and activate this plugin on your WordPress site. Then, it will automatically handle the rest of the work.

Key features:

  • Insert Shopify users into WordPress database
  • Update orders in WordPress database
  • Transfer Shopify data into WordPress via CSV files

Price: Free.

#5 Shopify Connect for WooCommerce
Shopify Connect for WooCommerce

Shopify Connect for WooCommerce simplifies the process of exporting Shopify data to WooCommerce and running it on the WordPress platform. It lets you combine Shopify and WooCommerce themes to build a good-looking eCommerce store.

This Shopify WordPress plugin eliminates much complicated technical knowledge that is usually required to set up an online shop. That said, Shopify Connect for WooCommerce will handle all those infrastructure-related hassles for you.

Key features:

  • Offer user-friendly social media connections
  • Import data from Shopify to WooCommerce using shortcodes
  • Provide user-friendly interface
  • Integrate with many WooCommerce themes

Price: Free.

#6 WP Shopify Plugin
Shopify WordPress plugin - WP Shopify

WP Shopify is another commendable plugin  – as the name implies – and it’s geared at integrating Shopify into WordPress seamlessly via the API keys.

Using WP Shopify,  you can automatically generate eCommerce pages on your WordPress site using products from Shopify.

With in-page checkout, highly customizable store pages, and a simple interface, importing Shopify data to WordPress has become easier than ever.

Key features:

  • Use shortcodes to embed products on any page
  • Offer in-page checkout
  • Customize text or color of Add to Cart button
  • Display unlimited product pages

Price: The regular license costs $10.

#7 SWM Shopify to WooCommerce Migration
SWM Shopify to WooCommerce Migration

Shopify to WooCommerce Migration plugin has the ability to import your Shopify categories into WooCommerce Store. More than that, this plugin can divide relevant products into categories automatically.

This plugin automatically classifies the order according to the customers’ city, country, and zip. It hence removes the complexity of adding tax rates for any selected locations around the world.

Key features:

  • Migrate all of your Shopify products and categories to your WooCommerce store
  • Automatically classify the Shopify product types into simple or variable products in your new WooCommerce store
  • Import Shopify product images to a new store
  • Collect customer data along with ajax requests, first name, last name, phone, company, address, city, province, zip, country, etc.

Price: Free. The Pro plan starts from $30/year.

#8 Cart2Cart: Shopify to WooCommerce Migration

The list won’t be complete without the Shopify to WooCommerce Migration plugin by Cart2Cart. It allows you to switch your Shopify shop to WooCommerce and vice versa in a few clicks.

You will no longer manually conduct this transition procedure. All you need to do is to select the entities you want to move – and the plugin will do the rest.

Key features:

  • Migrate Shopify category and product SEO URLs to WooCommerce
  • Import images, product descriptions, category descriptions, and blog post descriptions from Shopify store to new WooCommerce shop
  • Preserve order IDs on WooCommerce store
  • Move all kinds of customer data from Shopify to WooCommerce

Price: Free. The premium plan starts from $29.

#9 Shopify to WooCommerce Migration
Shopify to WooCommerce Migration plugin

Another feature-rich Shopify WordPress plugin calls the name of Shopify to WooCommerce Migration. After importing data from Shopify to WooCommerce, you can continue selling all your products without paying commission to Shopify.

With this plugin, you don’t need to worry about setting tax and shipping costs from scratch. Once activated, it automatically transfers all available tax and shipping costs from Shopify to WooCommerce.

Key features:

  • Import all the Shopify categories (custom collections)
  • Migrate all the products with images, title, price from Shopify to WooCommerce
  • Transfer all the orders with customers’ addresses to WooCommerce
  • Import collection, customer, product, order data either by their respective IDs individually or by bulky easily

Price: A regular license of this plugin costs $38.

Which Is the Best Shopify WordPress Plugin for Your Store Integration?

There’s no single best Shopify WordPress plugin for everyone. Instead, you should look for the best solution for your needs, knowledge levels, and budgets.

If you’re on a budget, Import from Shopify proves the best free Shopify WordPress plugin that you’ll find.

When it comes to premium plugins, Shopify to WooCommerce Migration earns the top-ranked spot to integrate your Shopify shop with WordPress.

With its shortcodes and color customization, you can redesign your store based on your taste. Also, this plugin will automatically use your shipping and tax settings from Shopify.

Now over to you – which is your favorite Shopify WordPress plugin? And why? Drop a line in the comment box to share your idea with us.