Task Convention for Asana

version 0.0.1

created by: thinhnp

This convention inherits from this document and the draft post idea

1-2.Task title format:
<Plugin name>: <Task title>

If the task related to more than plugins then combining them by |. Example PDA Video S3|PDA S3.
Task title: describes shortly which problems the task wants to deal with

3. Task description: it is the hardest part. REMEBER you are creating the task for every member read and understand. Some conventions that we can reference:
+ The task ticket:
Requirement: normally, it will follow the format As a <actor>, I want to <do something| see something> with <condition>.
For example: As a WordPress administrator, I want to create a global password for the entire site.
Solution: can refer to another site if they contain many technical aspects
Reference links: external links about integrated products or examples
Covered cases: cases the developers covered, you need to confirm with Product Owner before deploying to integration
PR link: this PR link already contained the UT or AT added in

+ The bug ticket:
Steps to reproduce: details steps to reproduce the bugs. If you cannot reproduce it, it considers a rare bug. You can record or take a screenshot.
Root cause: log by developers, you can refer to Pull Request link.
Things learned: a thing you learned from the bug and you want to share with other developers to have never met it again.


4. Tags: this part is also very important for us to search and do statistic. Here is the required tag that we need to follow:
testing: this ticket is passed PR and on integration. It’s required the test from QA
sprint x: the development sprint.
x points: the sprint point for the ticket