WavePlayer – Love or Hate

This post guides how to test WavePlayer.

In order to integrate with WavePlayer, we modified the WavePlayer plugin both front-end and back-end and created a new shortcode pwv_waveplayer. The pwv_waveplayer shortcode contains the following attributes:

+ url: S3 URL
+ is_s3: should be “true”, it means that serving for S3 URL

If the peak files are not generated, it will create a 24-hour expiry signed URL. Otherwise, the 3 sec expired one will be used.

Tested cases:

1. Multiple shortcodes in one post/page

2. S3 file name with space

3. Mixing between waveplayer shortcode, protect video shortcode and the new one.

4. Large audio file > 100 MB

5. Play/Stop, Seek action

6. Disable the WavePlayer plugin it will show the warning message


  1. The WavePlayer has a bug while generating the Unicode file name for peak file. It means the link https://linh-demo.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/Đau răng quá.mp3 has never worked. I will have a look when finishing for main features. (resolved)
  2. Haven’t supported the playlist yet