7 Best WordPress News Plugins 2022

Want to run a WordPress news site? You need to add a News module or plugin that makes it simple to peruse new pertinent news on your site.

Perhaps, you just want to import news to your website showing it aside from your website’s content. You might think of hiring a developer to create your news site.

Meanwhile, for website owners who are not teach-savvy, especially the one just getting started, it’s not worth hiring a developer because there are a whole lot of plugins with awesome applications to do that job for you.

In this article, we’ll show you the 7 best WordPress news plugins that let you add live news to your site. But before then, let’s walk you through some key factors to consider when choosing a WordPress news plugin.

Making Your Choice of The Best WordPress News Plugin

Not every WordPress news plugin comes with the same functions or capabilities. Nonetheless, here are some key features of the normal elements that you can find from a WordPress news plugin.

Also, numerous sites are committed to news and articles while a large group of different sites simply need to import news and show it aside from their other contents. Therefore, your WordPress news plugin options vary directly proportional to the purpose you are using it for, making it a full-time news website or your normal website.

Below are 7 well-researched WordPress news plugins in the year 2022.

#1 WP News and Scrolling Widgets


WP News and Scrolling Widgets comes as one of the most outstanding news WordPress plugins that assists you in making a piece of news for your site. This module incorporates 100+ designs of different formats so you can efficiently create your news page.

It is a responsive plugin that gives a responsive format that can fit with all gadgets that the client needs. There are numerous shortcode generator devices accessible.

Key features:

  • Visual writer page developer support
  • Custom CSS
  • Multilingual more than 100 specially crafts
  • Extra shortcodes

#2 Live News


Live News is a top-notch WordPress news plugin that permits you to show ongoing news updates on your site. It enables you to communicate the most recent news, monetary news, climate alarms, sports results, political decision surveys, etcetera.

This plugin offers 4 strategic ways to distribute news, including manual posting, gathering headlines from your blog post or a tweet, and importing News from an RSS channel. It accompanies 60+ customization choices, various news show settings, and supports WordPress multisite network. It is also translation-ready enabling it to showcase the headlines in local languages.

#3 WP Latest Post


WP Latest Post is a WordPress ongoing news plugin. It allows you to channel the content from your posts and pages and show News on your site. This News plugin accompanies six implicit topics to grandstand news gorgeously.

Being fully automated, it chooses the News items from your content and presents them in a slider. WP Latest Posts gives you a helping hand in showing or concealing news components or elements. You can likewise enhance the pictures to decrease the page load time.

It works consistently with the Gutenberg block proofreader and offers a custom news square to add news things to your posts.

Key features:

  • Cross compatibility across different platforms
    • Compatible with the Gutenberg editor
    • Compatible with WordPress Multisite
    • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Automatic animation
  • Translation to local languages

#4 Simple News


Actively installed on more than 3 thousand websites, Simple News is a free WordPress News plugin that yields or sets the news as output. The plugin assists you in setting the picture size and modifying different options.

It accompanies a custom gadget and shortcodes that support showing news on the sidebar, footer, pages, posts, and so on. This free plugin also shows the title, date, picture, selection, and connection of the News on your first page. This plugin lets you arrange the News as per the publishing dates automatically.

Key features:

  • Various shortcodes
  • The orderly arrangement of News
  • Widgets to display the latest news

#5 XML Sitemap and Google News


XML Sitemap and Google News is a high-level WordPress news plugin. It makes custom channels that work with the XML sitemap and the Google News Sitemap progressively.

The plugin works consistently with pretty much every WordPress module. It is likewise viable with WordPress storing plugins to make your site load faster also. XML Sitemap and Google News becomes popular due to its simple framework. It is as well compatible with most cache plugins like the Polylang and WordPress Multisite.

Key features:

  • Ready to work upon being activated,
  • Compatible with multilingual tools
  • Allow you to add new robots.txt rules

#6 News Announcement Scroll


News Announcement Scroll free WordPress News plugin allows you to make news categories or groups. You can easily customize the title, textual style, colors, and so on.

To show the news, you can utilize their custom gadget, shortcode, or layout template. Every website needs a News widget and this is basically what the news announcement plugin does. It creates news widgets for your WordPress site, therefore, keeping your website visitors updated.

Key features:

  • Responsive design and layout
  • No coding knowledge needed
  • Easy installation
  • Able to display news through widgets or shortcodes

#7 Ditty News Ticker


Ditty News Ticker is a multi-functional data display WordPress plugin. It allows you to create custom news tickers and display them on your website using shortcodes or a widget. This plugin is built to be easily extended to add extra Ticker Types and extra Ticker Modes. It has 3 strategic default ticker modes consisting of Rotate Mode, List Mode, and Scroll Mode.

Included in its premium extension is that special feature that allows you to import news from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, RSS Feed, and other sources.

Key features:

  • Twitter ticker
  • Facebook ticker
  • RSS Feed ticker
  • Instagram ticker
  • Posts ticker
  • LinkedIn ticker, etcetera.

Which is Your Ideal WordPress News Plugin?

Adding the News function to your WordPress site helps update site visitors with the latest news. You can either make your site a complete Newsfeed or display it alongside your content.

Finding the right WordPress News Plugin depends on your own purpose. We believe this article has helped you choose the very best News Plugin which fits your WordPress website most.

You can also check out our blog to explore the best WordPress resource with the latest plugin reviews and tutorials.