Rocket Your Conversion with These 7 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins 2021

Lead generation, without a doubt, proves the name of the game in the success of a business.

Whether you run a personal blog, an eCommerce shop, or a small agency, keeping your leads stick around and magnetizing more potential customers always equal discovering new business opportunities.

While installing a lead generation tool on your WordPress site just takes you a finger snap, choosing the most suitable one out of a thousand promising candidates can be intimidating.

To help save your time and effort, we’ve researched and narrowed down the 7 best WordPress lead generation plugins.

We ensure that the plugins listed below along with their striking features will definitely stir your blood.


#1 OptinMonster

OptinMonster-#1 WordPress lead generation plugin

With over 1 million active installations, OptinMonster proves the most common and trustworthy pick for a WordPress lead generation plugin. Built as a conversion optimization tool in mind, it claims to recover abandon carts, grow your email lists, and boost your site conversion rate.

OptinMonster takes the pain out of building highly converting personal forms by offering over a hundred eye-catching templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder.

The plugin has won praises from the mass of users, especially marketers, thanks to its amazing targeting and segmentation features. They allow you to send different personalized messages or specific custom popups to multiple users on your site based on their geographic locations, referral sources, or past behaviors.

Along with that, OptinMonster is a perfect match for eCommerce stores. It wisely optimizes your marketing campaign by providing powerful targeting rules like custom HTML or JavaScript. They will show a popup if:

  • Certain products are/aren’t placed in client’s shopping carts
  • A total number of items are placed in their carts
  • Shopper subtotal reaches a certain number

Why Optin Monster Proves the Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin?

  • OptinMonster comes with dozens of lead-captured form types, i.e popup forms, email subscription forms, hello bar, gamified spin a wheel opt-in forms, etc.
  • OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent Technology contributes to recovering abandon visitors into leads by displaying special offers or discounts when they are about to leave your sites.
  • By including clients’ names or locations directly in the campaign, OptinMonster’s Smart Tags helps personalize your marketing campaign and improve conversion.
  • The OnSite Retargeting feature lets you create special offers and promotions to retarget existing visitors based on their previous interactions on your sites.
  • Use its Cookie Retargeting function and you can set up custom browser cookies reached from user data, including ages, genders, and locations. From there, highly targeted campaigns are selectively displayed to drive conversions.

Price: OptinMonster comes with free and paid versions. For the paid ones, the Basic plan starts at $9/month.

#2 Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is another favored opt-in form and lead generation plugin for the WordPress community. Developed by the Thrive Themes team, Thrive Leads along with the themes boast dozens of striking features, including conversion-driven obsessed.

Install this plugin and you’ll have almost any form types you can think of at your fingertips, i.e inline forms, 2-step opt-ins, screen-filling overlays, content upgrades, scroll mats, floating ribbons.

Plus, this power-pack WordPress lead generation plugin possesses a simple drag-and-drop editor and dozens of stunning premade templates. This supports the process of creating and customizing forms taking place with ease.

Why Thrive Leads Proves the Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin?

  • Thrive Leads offers a wide range of choices for lead-converted forms, namely popup lightbox, sticky horizontal forms, 2-step opt-in forms, and many others. This assists you in building your email list faster.
  • It enables you to show different content for various users with its targeting and personalizing capability. This enhances user experiences and significantly improves your conversion rate.
  • With the Smart feature, you can hide forms or show different offers to your existing subscribers.
  • It has 40+ direct API integrations: MailChimp, Drip, MailGun, SendGrid, Postmark, GetResponse, Aweber, and many more.
  • Thrive Leads includes an A/B testing engine and advanced actionable reporting and insights. This comes in handy if you’re a data junkie wishing to keep track of your opt-in form performance and valuable traffic sources.
  • Thrive Leads sets itself apart from other WordPress lead generation plugins with a unique exit intent technology. Not only can the exit intent be set up to trigger anytime certain conditions are met, but it can also work on mobile devices.

Price: This premium tool offers 1 license for $67/year. If you’re interested in other Thrive WordPress products, you can get instant access to all of them with $19 for a monthly membership.

#3 LiveChat


The next option for the WordPress lead generation plugin is LiveChat. True as its name, LiveChat refers to a complete customer service tool adding live chat functionality to your website.

By adding a quick chatbox on your site, you offer a means of communication allowing users to reach out to you easily. In the meantime, you’re able to provide customer support, answer their questions, ease their concerns, build stronger customer relationships, and drive more leads to your sites.

Since you’re giving immediate assistance, it’s easy to ask for emails, phone numbers, or other user information with a live chat. In general, LiveChat comes as the ideal solution to know about what refrains your potential leads and customers from converting.

Why LiveChat Proves the Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin?

  • LiveChat offers proactive chat invitations that support creating and delivering personal messages to users automatically. Invitations will trigger every time visitors meet pre-defined requirements, e.g the number of visited pages or time spent on the website.
  • It provides multi-functional chat tools, including message sneak-peek, visitor information, timeline, file sharing, delivery status, and tons more. You can hold multiple chat sessions at once, tagging your chats as well as sending files to users via chatbox.
  • LiveChat comes with dozens of customization options. You own the right to customize your chat application with your company logo, social media buttons, agent profiles, etc.
  • LiveChat includes a built-in ticketing system to provide customer support 24/7. Plus, measuring your chat performance is easy as pie thanks to chat reports and daily summaries.
  • This plugin integrates very well with diverse well-known WordPress themes, page builders, eCommerce platforms, third-party apps, and services, namely Elementor, WooCommerce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, HubSpot CRM, etc.

Price: You can download the LiveChat free version on the WordPress plugin directory. In case you want to upgrade it to unlock more striking features, you can start with its Starter plan at $16 per month.

#4 WP Subscribe
WP Subscribe

Another power-pack lead generation tool for WordPress is WP Subscribe. This simple and lightweight plugin guarantees to enrich your email list to the fullest without dragging down site speed.

The free version offers some basic features such as email marketing service integration, sleek subscription form designs, SEO, and caching plugin compatibility. Its Pro version, meanwhile, really sets the bar for standard lead generation plugin features.

Not only can you get access to multiple fully responsive opt-in forms but you also unlock the Exit Intent features. This helps trigger a popup form to ask for a subscription from a customer who is about to leave.

Why WP Subscribe Proves the Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin?

  • WP Subscribe includes Popup Animations, which displays popup effects to catch user attention and encourage them to subscribe.
  • You can control the popup moment using Popup Triggers and Delay Popup Display features.
  • In case you make a major change to your site and want to let your visitor know it, Flush Cookie handles this task with no pressure by showing the subscribe box to all users including those who have already subscribed.
  • WP Subscribe assists you to include/exclude the subscription box or trigger popup on certain pages and posts with the Exclude Pages or Posts function.

Price: All in all, WP Subscribe is suitable for anyone looking for a simple lead generation plugin with affordable prices. A single product with a 3-site license costs $29 per year.

#5 ConvertPro

ConvertPro comes as a premium plugin for driving leads and conversion for WordPress sites. The team behind this WordPress lead generation plugin goes to Brainstorm Force, which is enough to speak volumes about this powerful tool.

Basically, ConvertPro enables you to add opt-in forms and calls to action to your WordPress site. It’s jam-packed with tons of lead-captured forms, such as modal popups, slide-ins, in-content forms, lightbox overlays, and many others.

On top of that, you hardly need to break a sweat to come up with the form designs suiting your tastes. Everything can be done with your eyes shut thanks to a drag-n-drop editor and elegant readymade templates.

No surprise that the plugin has been endorsed by users from pole to pole, including online marketers, bloggers, e-commerce websites, developers, and small or large-scale businesses.

Why ConvertPro Proves the Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin?

  • ConvertPro helps you easily hold back leaving visitors thanks to Exit Intent Technology.
  • The plugin boasts a mass of advanced triggers, namely Exit Intent Trigger, Well-Timed Trigger, After Scroll Trigger, User Inactivity Trigger, etc. They will display personalized messages to users based on the page level, referral sources, devices, cookies, specified time period, etc.
  • Convert Pro works seamlessly with all major email marketing providers, such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, AWeber, Benchmark, …
  • All ConvertPro templates are stored in the cloud, meaning you only have to install and use the ones you want. This is superb as you don’t need to worry about site performances.
  • You can monitor campaign progress using real-time analytics, integrate campaigns with Google Analytics, and import data into your WordPress site. Just login to your WordPress dashboard and all the crucial metrics are presented here at all times.

Price: $99/year for the plugin itself with 12 months of support.

#6 Bloom

Bloom from the Elegant Themes comes as the next candidate for the best WordPress lead generator in the market. It combines a huge collection of elegant, highly customizable opt-in forms, smart trigger sets, and data management.

In terms of opt-in forms, Bloom brings to the party diverse highly-converted form types, such as automatic opt-in pop-up, opt-in fly-ins, in-line opt-in forms, widget area ppt-in forms, etc. They can be flexibly placed anywhere on your site, from sidebars to inline blog areas. This contributes to increasing the chances of capturing leads and growing your followings.

What’s more, Bloom deserves the best stylist for forms as it’s endowed with over 100+ trendy templates and design settings. You can freely mix and match different colors, styles, fields, and topics to suit your desires.

Why Bloom Proves the Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin?

  • You have a wide range of choices for form types and eye-pleased form designs.
  • Bloom offers smart triggers not only pages, and posts, but also have different opt-in form needs, on specific user interaction. These triggers drive users to hone in on your forms, which makes it easier to cause them to take the plunge and convert.
  • Bloom provides 16 email marketing integrations. Some of them are reputable providers include AWeber, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor.
  • Bloom stays readable, accessible, and fully responsive on all devices.
  • Regarding its pricing, you might think it’s expensive. However, an Elegant Themes membership costs only $89 yearly.  It provides access to all themes and plugins, including Bloom. Therefore, considering you can get almost any essential product to design your website for $89 per year, that price is reasonable.


  • Yearly access for $89 which you can use Divi, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch along with premium support, and more.
  • Lifetime access for $249 gives you access to Divi, Extra, Bloom, Monarch, lifetime updates, unlimited website usage, etc.

#7 SumoMe
Sumo by SumoMe

With over 70.000 active installs, SumoMe proves one of the most favored WordPress lead generation plugins in the WordPress community. Sumome is designed to no other than fulfilling the duty of expanding your email list, rocket your conversions, and jacking up sales.

For small sites, SumoMe happens to be a handy tool for email collection with autoresponders, visitor targeting, and email campaigns. More than that, it also seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce to create unique offers and discounts. By producing beautiful forms, Sumome helps you maximize your average order value and reduce cart abandonment.

However, that free plan is limited to 200 subscribers. If your site is growing, you may think of upgrading to its premium version. This will eliminate the floating Sumo icon as well as the Powered by Sumo text link.

Why SumoMe Proves the Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin?

  • Besides growing your email lists with opt-in forms, SumoMe allows you to build a relationship with subscribers by sending welcome emails and adding share buttons to your websites.
  • The plugin also impresses users with its intuitive user interface.
  • Sumo fullscreen welcome mat covers the entire screen and prompts people to sign up for your email list (or complete some other task) before moving onward.
  • The premium version integrates with all the best third-party tools and services, including Shopify.
  • SumoMe enables you to create customized popups based on clicks, timers, scrolls, exit intent, and the amount of traffic on your site. You can add a popup button anywhere and customize the buttons per your taste.

With these advantages, it doesn’t leave you open-mouthed that more than 37,000 online businesses make use of Sumo to convert more purchases, including some notable ones such as Airbnb, Complex, Canva, The Art of Manliness, and BarkPost.

Price: start at $39/month

Choose the Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugins for Your Site!

This article has showcased a comprehensive insight into the 7 best WordPress lead generation plugins that skyrocket your conversion and email list. Among them, we found that:

  • The simplest, most lightweight WordPress lead generation plugins that won’t break your bank: WP Subscribe, LiveChat, SumoMe the free version.
  • The one offers sleek-looking forms with numerous advanced triggers: Bloom, Thrive Leads, and Optin Monster.
  • The WordPress lead generation plugin that makes the most of your marketing spend: ConvertPro.

Which is your up-to-scratch WordPress lead generation plugin in this list? If we miss out on your favorite WordPress lead generation plugins or you’d like to share your experiences about some of the listed plugins above, let us know in the comments below.