3 Google Core Web Vitals and How to Boost Them

May 26, 2022

Google has developed and introduced 3 Core Web Vitals to evaluate a website’s user experience. As a WordPress website owner, you should care about Google Core Web Vitals because they give insight into your site’s performance. Understanding these factors helps you know whether your site performs well, thereby taking prompt steps to improve its quality….


5 Awesome Plugins to Accept WooCommerce WeChat Pay

May 21, 2022

You’re selling products via a WooCommerce website, and mainland China is your target market. To make transactions with Chinese consumers, you must add popular local payment methods to your store, especially WeChat Pay. This article will introduce 5 easy-to-use plugins to accept WooCommerce WeChat Pay so that you can advantageously access the Chinese market. Their…


6 WordPress Tips to Quickly Increase Domain Authority

May 17, 2022

Domain authority is considered the key factor measuring the success or failure of your WordPress site. It calculates your site’s trustworthiness, performance, and competitive advantages. The higher your domain authority is, the more trust you will gain from search engines as well as your visitors. That’s why as a website owner, finding ways to increase…


How to Send Blog Posts to Email: An Easy 5-Step Guide

May 12, 2022

In today’s modern society, emails have become one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your customers. It can be said without exaggeration that email offers countless benefits at the lowest price compared to other marketing strategies. That’s why marketers love using email as an effective communication tool. If you’re an online blogger, you…


10 Superb WordPress Features No One Tells You

May 8, 2022

The thought of establishing your own website may seem overwhelming. You might even think this task is out of reach for anyone but a developer. But this is no longer the case. Some software is so simple to use, virtually anyone can create a unique and professional-looking website for their businesses, blogs, or portfolios. It’s…


2 Ways to Show Different Menu When Logged in WordPress

May 3, 2022

If you’re building a website using WordPress, a live WordPress website can’t be complete without it can’t be without a navigation menu. It plays a vital role in helping you get high search rankings and retain visitors on site. And if your site requires users to log in, like a forum or a membership site,…


3 Golden Methods to Sell WordPress Plugins

April 28, 2022

Creating and selling digital products has become a great way to earn a passive income stream to your monthly budget. What’s ideal about them as opposed to handcrafted items is that you don’t have to worry about inventory or mailing costs. As the world continues to move toward an electronically-driven environment, there are tons of…