How to Easily Set Up WooCommerce Facebook Catalogue

Facebook Shops make the shopping experience easier for the customers. It permits merchants to show their items on Facebook pages and sell them there.

Clients can undoubtedly find the items on a Facebook shop. You can make custom assortments by gathering the goods. You can likewise show various brands and items by tweaking your Facebook Shop design.

If you have an e-commerce website and use WooCommerce to sell products, it’s a smart idea to integrate it with Facebook Shop. You can target more customers while minimizing the effort put into building individual shops on each channel.
In this article, we’ll discuss the reason why you should integrate WooCommerce with Facebook Shop in more detail. Then we’ll show you how to achieve that with ease.

Why Integrate WooCommerce with Facebook Shop

Connecting your WooCommerce store with Facebook is a superb method supporting your deals. Facebook helps you interact with customers and furthermore increment the client experience.


Facebook shops increment client commitment by changing customers into dull clients.

  • Dissect the item execution and the promotion mission’s result.
  • Incorporate the items and classifications consequently.
  • Spread your business across the countless crowd.
  • Make a decent connection between the client and the business.
  • Permit you to make and utilize a Facebook page to sell items.

Facebook Catalog Repeated Customers

The Facebook inventory can hold WooCommerce items you need to sell through Facebook or Instagram. It makes Facebook Catalog advertisements and shows the items on Facebook channels. You can keep every one of the results of your WooCommerce store in one list as opposed to making various lists.

Inventory Manager is an astounding device for Facebook, permitting wholesalers to make and store their items. Individuals view the items that are inside the Facebook Catalog Ads. Different Facebook channels incorporate Instagram shopping, dynamic advertisements, assortment promotions, and so on.

Advantages of WooCommerce Facebook Catalogue

  • Item Information

Adding and dealing with the WooCommerce item data turns out to be extremely simple subsequent to making the inventory. In an item inventory, you can incorporate different item data like title, pictures, value, and depiction.

  • Minimized Efforts

You can add the item data individually or in a mass sum. The best practice is to transfer all the item data of your store to one inventory to limit your work.

The mass transfer choice will limit your work while running an immense WooCommerce store. You can undoubtedly deal with your things.

  • Item Segmentation

You can make a gathering of items for Facebook Ads and assortments of items for Facebook shops. You can make sub-gatherings of items and remember them for your list.

  • Assigning Permission

The Facebook inventory promotions give authorizations to the individuals who can add to your business. You might dole out consent to your accomplices so they can tweak the index.

Facebook Advertising Items

You can use the Facebook inventories to make numerous Facebook Catalog Ads. Facebook list advertisements are helpful to advance WooCommerce items.

  • Facebook Dynamic Ads

One of the advantages of the Facebook inventory is to make Facebook dynamic promotions. Facebook Dynamic Ads advance the things of your inventory that are pertinent to the client’s pursuit.

Facebook Dynamic Ads are truly enlightening, drawing in, and compelling for transformation. This course of promoting isn’t like customary publicizing strategies.

  • Facebook Carousel Ads

In Carousel Ad design, the items from your index are addressed with a looking over choice. Every item addressed in a look-through incorporates its connection. You can modify the merry-go-round by setting up merry-go-round cards progressively.

  • Facebook Ads with Product Tags

Facebook index advertisements with item labels are useful while advancing a particular product from your item inventory. Clients will be diverted to the item subtleties page subsequent to tapping the item tag. This allows them to purchase items from the item subtleties page.

  • Facebook Collaborative Ads

You can run direct deals crusades through Facebook cooperative promotions. Assuming that your image is selling items through partaking shippers, this sort of advertisement configuration will become fundamental.

Selling Options from the Facebook Catalogue

You have a choice to connect Facebook Catalog Ads to deals channels accessible on Facebook.

  • Facebook Shops

Facebook Shop is a computerized customer-facing facade connected with Facebook. You can tweak Facebook Shop as indicated by your favored assortment of items.

  • Marketplace

Commercial center lets you offer your items to the nearby clients on Marketplace.

What to Know Before Creating a Facebook Catalog

Before setting up a Facebook inventory, you need to meet a few essential prerequisites.

  • Website

You want to have a site that includes the items you need to grandstand on Facebook. Without a site with your item data, you can’t make Facebook index promotions for Facebook.

  • Correct Product Information

The product data on your site should be precise and modern. Facebook will pull data from the item list. In case you don’t have precise item data on your item site, your item index will not be correct.

  • Facebook Business Manager Account

A Facebook business supervisor account interfaces your store with it. This is necessary to make Facebook Catalog Ads and permits you to make promotions by giving examinations.

  • Item Catalog

Facebook Catalog promotions ought to consent to Facebook approaches. There are not many limitations to adding items to an item index. You can add every one of the items aside from unlawful items, grown-up items, guns, etc.

  • Facebook Tracking Pixel

The Facebook following pixel must be introduced on your site. It tracks explicit data by accessing your site’s data. With this instrument, you can break down the result of an advertisement.

  • Facebook Page

You should have a Facebook page to advance your items through Facebook Catalog Ads. It assists you in running a particular sort of promotion, helped posts, or new supporter advertisements.

How to Add WooCommerce Products to the Facebook Catalog

Create a Facebook Page

A Facebook page is fundamental to making a Facebook list and selling WooCommerce items. You can interface your WooCommerce shop by making a Facebook page and afterward making a list.

Most importantly, sign in to your Facebook record and view it as the “Make a Page” choice. You have two different options and you can choose a Business or brand for your WooCommerce business. Click “Get everything rolling” to move to the next stage.

A login structure will show up and you will be diverted to the “Make Page” segment in the wake of signing in. Set a name for your Facebook page first. Make a page that addresses your WooCommerce store’s image.

Besides, select classes that best suit your WooCommerce business’ image. Facebook will propose class names while you begin composing the classification name. You are authorized to amount to three classifications for your Facebook Page.

Presently, add an eye-getting depiction for your Facebook page. Facebook proposes you expound on the business or the assistance that your store gives.

After that, add an exact depiction of your Facebook page, click “Make Page”. You need to insert pictures, contact data, and different subtleties to make the page.

Ensure to give all the important data definitively to make a Facebook page appropriately. A satisfactorily made Facebook page will increase the value of your business and produce more deals.

Create Facebook Catalogue

Managing Shop

Click on the “Manage Shop” option situated on the left sideboard of your Facebook page and tap the “Oversee shop” choice, you will be diverted to the shop on the executive’s dashboard. You should hit “Business Manager” to get into the Commerce Manager dashboard.

Now, your Commerce account must be endorsed by Facebook. You can apply to get the endorsement and continue to the following stage.

Creating Up Facebook Commerce Manager

On Facebook Commerce Manager, there are two areas called “Shops” and “Catalogs.” From the “Lists” segment, press “Add Catalog” to make another inventory.

After you click on “Add new list,” Facebook will divert you to another page. Here, you should choose the list type for your business. Then, you need to select E-Commerce as your list type.

Creating Items Catalog

In the following step, you need to design settings for the list. In this progression, select your item transfer strategy, inventory proprietor, and list name.

Uploading Item Information

Facebook gives two distinct techniques to transferring items. You can either transfer your item data on Facebook or associate your WooCommerce store to it. We are going with the primary choice and will transfer item data by means of item feed.

Once clicking the make button, you will actually want to get into the index which you have made. Your recently made inventory is vacant so you should transfer your item data to the recently made list.

Adding Items to the Facebook Catalog

In the outline area, there is an option to transfer the item data in mass. Tap the “Add Items” and you will get numerous choices to add items to your list. You can transfer items utilizing these choices:

  • Add products physically: You can add things individually utilizing a basic structure.
  • Mass transfer: You can transfer the item data utilizing an information feed document in CSV, TSV, or XML. This configuration is great for transferring numerous things immediately. You can transfer the feed record once or utilize the booked transfer choice.

Facebook pixel: This feature permits you to import and refresh things naturally from your site.

We will utilize the “Utilization Bulk Upload” choice to transfer the item data. The following section gives you a few options to transfer your items. It will require a feed record or an item feed document to transfer your item data.

An item feed record remembers all the vital item data for detail. Facebook has novel prerequisites for transferring an item channel document. You can utilize the CTX Feed module to create the ideal channel document and transfer your WooCommerce items to Facebook.