How to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress

April 14, 2022

Social media refers to channels, websites, and applications that are built for people to share information in real-time. We can divide social media into 4 types based on the website or application’s nature: Social Community, Social Publishing, Social Commerce, and Social Entertainment. Now there are over 4.6 billion people using social media around the world,…


The Simple Way to Move WordPress HTTP to HTTPS

April 4, 2022

You should move WordPress HTTP to HTTPS to create a secure environment for your site and improve data security. As a matter of fact, most users nowadays only visit a website after verifying that it is HTTPS encrypted. To begin with, if you run an e-commerce store that processes credit card information or other sensitive…


3 Easy Ways to WooCommerce Backup Database

March 25, 2022

Have you ever imagined what losing feels like? Not being able to retrieve orders and product information. A few seconds of downtime or malfunction on this popular full-service eCommerce plugin can cost you hundreds of dollars. These are nightmares for e-commerce stores, but completely avoidable with great backups. WooCommerce is a popular full-service eCommerce plugin…


How to Easily Set Up WooCommerce Facebook Catalogue

March 20, 2022

Facebook Shops make the shopping experience easier for the customers. It permits merchants to show their items on Facebook pages and sell them there. Clients can undoubtedly find the items on a Facebook shop. You can make custom assortments by gathering the goods. You can likewise show various brands and items by tweaking your Facebook…


How to Quickly Display WooCommerce Shipping Dates

March 15, 2022

Shoppers always want to know exactly when they will receive their parcels or orders. That’s why most popular e-commerce websites have a proper WooCommerce shipping date calendar integration. There are two popular methods to display an estimated delivery date on the order page. First, you can write a broad range like you will receive your…


How to Add Live Chat to WordPress Site For Free

February 26, 2022

Adding live chat to WordPress websites comes as a great tool for your business to communicate with site visitors. It helps you get more personal with all of your customers and build more meaningful relationships with them. A live chat allows potential and existing customers to get quick responses. You can monitor their conversations from…


Quick Guide to Adding Smart WooCommerce Product Search

February 18, 2022

WooCommerce provides you with a default product search function enabling customers to find products in your store quickly. In fact, this feature is quite basic with a simple search bar on your online store. This requires you to improve the findability function of your store to deliver the best experience for users. You need to…