4 Sure-fire Tips to Find Best Shopify SEO Experts

Shopify stands out from the crowd as the most SEO-friendly eCommerce platform. It boasts numerous built-in SEO advantages, such as fast uptime, mobile responsiveness, and dozens of SEO apps.

However, in the dog-eat-dog eCommerce nature, just relying on those Shopify default offer is not enough. It will take you forever to get spotted by search engines while other rivals have rushed to occupy the 1st ranking on search results.

It’s time you need assistance from Shopify SEO experts.

This article aims to give you 4 sure-fire tips to help you find the right Shopify SEO experts for your site. In addition, why should you need to hire SEO mavens or where to find them are also brought to the table.

Why Should You Need a Shopify SEO Expert

Well, hiring a Shopify SEO expert brings tons of benefits. What are they? We will break them down below.

#1. They Have the SEO Expertise

A Shopify store owner may involve in some SEO basic practice, such as optimizing your SEO titles, writing meta descriptions, and displaying Shopify blog excerpts, etc.

However, when it comes to proper SEO analysis, including technical SEO, on-site optimization, especially, SEO campaign launching, no one can do it better than a Shopify SEO expert.

It’s pretty sure they can drive the best result in a shorter amount of time compared to you. SEO companies have a team with knowledgeable people, working on your online presence and performance every day.

What deserves a thumbs up here is they provide you with an insightful plan, and you know exactly when you can reap the fruits of your SEO efforts.

#2. Shopify SEO Experts Let You Focus on Your Business

SEO nature constantly evolves. The rapid updates of search engine algorithms are the best evidence. If your shop fails to update to these changes, you’ll lose your position to your rivals on search engine results.

Plus, running an SEO campaign is not a piece of cake. It involves so many time-consuming phases and efforts. Outsourcing SEO to SEO Shopify experts can help you take that weight off your mind.

It’s possible for you to tighten Shopify security, come up with new products, enhance product quality, close more deals in parallel with enjoying the rewards of expert-level SEO without committing your time to it.

All you need to do is concentrate on your business’s top priorities and let them handle the rest. Peace of mind, isn’t it?

#3. They can Fix SEO Issues on the Spot

As we mentioned above, you should think of hiring a Shopify SEO expert if your site is plagued with technical SEO issues and on-page optimization. They consist of numerous elements, namely:

  • Crawling matters: If Google finds it hard to crawl your site, this means you lose the SEO game even you haven’t gotten started off.
  • Slow page load speed: In SEO, slow means bad. A website taking more than 3 seconds to load will fail Google’s ranking requirements.
  • Keyword research: Doing keyword research and strategy on the eCommerce niche is way different from standard keyword research. It must convert into real orders and revenue, containing 4 key criteria: established search volume, high purchase intent, relevancy, and low competition.
  • DA aka Domain Authority: the higher the domain authority your site has, the better chance you get trusted and ranked on search results.
  • User-focused sites: Search engines have become more humanized. They prioritize UX as one of the top-ranking factors. Is your site user-friendly, mobile-responsive, reliable, and secure with HTTPS?

SEO gurus will carry out site audits, address the problems, and sketch out plans to troubleshoot them.

#4. They Help Shape Consistent Branding

Consistent branding carries a lot of weight in driving more conversion to your online business. We all know that you’re not just getting your content and products posted on Google but on other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

SEO mavens will make your online store stay fabulous and consistent across these platforms. This gives a helping hand in building trust with customers and earning more valuable shoppers.

4 Best Tips to Find Shopify SEO Gurus

#1. Pinpoint Which Parts You Need Help

To find the right SEO consultants, you need to first, define which aspects of SEO on your Shopify store need to be improved. That way, you can easily determine which SEO services suit your needs.

The SEO field is huge. Knowing your website problems also helps the process of discussion between both parties take place smoothly. You know what you need, and they know what they should offer to please you.

In case you’re not quite sure about your site performance, some of the SEO companies will run a site audit, then come up with comprehensive recommendations for improvements.

#2. Look at What They Offer

Once you know what your site’s pain points are, it’s time to make a list of ideal SEO agencies, land on their site, and go over what they offer. Normally, a good Shopify SEO expert must provide a variety of SEO services, including

  • Branding: as we mention above, you need to keep your brand consistent across the site. Search if their services come with design, for example, graphic design, web design, visual strategy, and typography.
    Those services add a visual punch to your site, appeal to your audience, and make them engaged on your site.
  • Page speed: check if they guarantee to speed up your site. Besides, you should look for agencies that use minimal custom code, web-safe fonts, boost your pages load fast on mobile.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing: an excellent Shopify SEO expert will offer PPC advertisement along with SEO services. Through PPC ads, you can learn more about customer interest as well as tracking down more relevant keywords for your store.
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#3. Compare Pricing

“What is your budget for hiring an SEO expert?” You must ask yourself that question before taking any SEO companies into serious consideration.

Of course, there are thousands of SEO companies, agencies, or even freelance Shopify SEO experts, which leads to the wild fluctuation in the SEO rates.

Bear in mind that never put your trust in cheap SEO services, claiming to give you significant SEO results in a short time.

This is very risky, as they often use unethical techniques, including the black hat one to lift up your rankings quickly. But it ends up hurting your store SEO performance in the long run.

Last but not least, the price should be transparent. They should bring you a breakdown of all costs, how much they charge and what they are offering for that price.

#4. Read Their Client Testimonials

Client testimonials, case studies, and portfolios are the best evidence to prove whether an SEO service is reliable and result-driven.
Outerbox's client testimonials

When looking at these testimonials, there are a few essential things we’d like you to pay extra attention to.

  • The process of site audit and SEO analysis
  • Did they sketch out an insightful SEO plan/strategy after analyzing your site?
  • Do their clients come from reputable companies or have a real website?
  • How long does a client work with them on average?
  • Can they reach back to the SEO companies after the services?

What’s more, you can refer to review sites like Clutch. It showcases reviews and gives you an in-depth look at Shopify SEO experts.
clutch shopify seo experts

Bonus: Where to Find Your Shopify SEO Experts

  • Shopify Experts: this site provides you with all the nitty-gritty of SEO companies, including locations, starting prices, jobs completed, and customer reviews.
  • Upwork: if you want to search for freelance SEO gurus, opt for this site. It highlights all the essential info you want, including their locations, expertise fields, rates per hour, the number of successful projects, and SEO procedures.
  • Clutch: same as 2 sites above, Clutch also gives you reliable results for Shopify SEO experts. You can find companies, agencies, and even freelancers on this renowned review site.

Give Your Store an SEO Boost!

Hiring a Shopify SEO expert proves handy in effectively fixing SEO issues, driving the best SEO results, and forming a consistent branding as well. In the meantime, you can concentrate on fulfilling your top business priority tasks.

This article has walked you through 4 best practices to choose a good Shopify SEO expert.

You need to define which SEO aspects your site needs to improve, then carefully look at what SEO services they offer. Do they include design services? Do they offer transparent prices? Also, don’t forget to take a glance at their testimonials.

More than that, we also show you where to find top-notch Shopify SEO experts. You can check out Shopify experts, Upwork, or Clutch to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

What are you waiting for? Grab our tips and give your Shopify store an SEO boost now!